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My Lettering Process, from Beginning to End.

Hello friends, and welcome to my blog!

I cannot begin to explain how exciting—and at the same time, terrifying it is to be starting this. I’ve always been a more visual person (hello Graphic Designers), and putting my thoughts into visual pieces seemed always more natural to me as opposed to putting it into words.

If you’ve been following my work on Instagram @theindysign, you should know by now I’m obsessed with two things: Tombow brush pens and making dots to create shapes and shadows with them.

Here is the final piece I will be sharing with you today. My creative process from beginning to end!

First things first, I ensure the layout is properly centered on the page. I use guidelines and tons of tracing paper to make sure everything is aligned and centered.

The second step is to ink! When you hand-make every single part of your lettering piece, there is no turning back so it might be scary to decide which combination of colors to use, the thickness of your stroke (and thank you Tombow for the life-savers the Twin Tones are), and overall which graphic style and ornaments to use.

For this piece, in particular, I decided to keep it simple and stick to two colors only:

The final step—and more laborious— is creating shadows and ornaments with the stippling technique. It takes a lot of patience, dedication and practice; but I love this craft so much it doesn’t even feel like work!

Thank you for stopping by. And remember to keep practicing, that’s the only way to get better!

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