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Create a Colorful 3D Effect to your Lettering

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Showing you more ways to add dimension and depth to your lettering pieces. Here is another fun way to do so, plus using your Tombow USA Dual Brush Pens in creating beautiful gradients to create this effect.

What you’ll need: Pencil, paper (I used Moleskine Art Sketchbook), Tombow USA Dual Brush Pen Galaxy and Pastel Collection, Tombow USA Twintone Marker and Uni-ball White Gel Pen.

Step 1: To start, sketch the outline of any word, in any style of lettering you want to use.

Step 2: Using the Fine Tip of the Tombow USA Twintone marker, start outlining the word. I like using the thin tip for this part so I can have complete control over the width of the line.

Step 3:  Now using the Broad Bullet Tip of your marker, fill in the areas of shadow that you have created.

Step 4: Creating the 3D effect to your Letters*. I chose to use 4 different colors, 2 different tones of Pink, Blue, Green, and Purple. Feel free to use more or fewer tones, depending on the style you want to create for your piece. I wanted to go all out and do a really colorful one! To begin, use the Flexible Brush Tip of your Tombow USA Dual Brush Pens, start filling in each of these sections with the Light tone of the color you chose. 

*Note: For details on how to create the Depth to your Lettering, please check Step 3 of my previous post, where I explain this more detailed.

Step 5: Using the Fine Tip of your brush (in case you need more control over your pen, but you could totally do it with the Flexible Tip too) start from the edges of each section and blend using the Dark tone of the selected color. 

Step 6: Using your Uni-ball Gel Pen, start outlining the word. Repeat this step as many times is necessary. Sometimes it doesn’t have good coverage so you might need to go over it twice, as I did for this particular piece. 

Et voilá! Now you have this beautiful, bright and colorful lettering piece, that will be a show stopper :)

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